Cast member Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie arrive for the screening of the film The Tree of Life, by director Terrence Malick, in competition at the 64th Cannes Film Festival.

'The Tree of Life,' starring Brad Pitt debuted tonight at Cannes after a weekend of hype and speculation. The film is up for consideration for Cannes main competition.

During a press conference at Cannes, Pitt describes the film as wonderfully written and very intense.

He states: This film is universal; [the director] Terrence Malick wants to speak to all cultures.

He continues: It would take many days to explain the film's creative process. He likes to capture the truth between the lines. That's why this film feels so fresh. On top of that, it was almost entirely shot in natural daylight.

Jessica Chastain, who stars alongside Pitts, says of the film: During shooting, we didn't think about the final result. We let go and lived entirely in the present. At one point in the film, a butterfly comes to rest on my hand. It wasn't in the script, but Terrence creates the kind of set on which such things can happen.