• Getting rid of visceral fat requires a lot of discipline and perseverance
  • Health experts recommend drinking green tea
  • Couple this with an active lifestyle and you will be on your way to getting rid of belly fat

Getting rid of visceral fat is one task that would require you to be consistent, have discipline, and persevere. This fat accumulates over time, and would also require you to get into a continuous daily habit in order to get rid of it.

Keeping yourself active and engaging in various cardio exercises are among the effective methods that could get rid of visceral fat. However, for those who don't have the luxury of time, there are certain beverages that could help you say goodbye to this belly fat.

The Wonders of Green Tea

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Functional Foods, and as stated in Express' report, you may lose visceral fat by drinking green tea. This tea contains catechins, which is an element that helps in reducing belly fat.

green tea visceral fat
green tea visceral fat Jill Wellington - Pixabay

Researchers from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety conducted the study. The study involved 118 patients and done in the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, had a group that consumed green tea, while a number of participants became the control group. They were tasked to do this for 12 weeks.

At the start of the study, the vitals that were measured included body weight and composition and abdominal fat area. Three points within the 12-week timeframe were taken. The first was during week 0, next was during week 8, and the last was during week 12.

After the study, the researchers found that the group who drank catechin-enriched green tea enjoyed a significant reduction in body weight and body fat. Obviously, the area where there's visible visceral fat was also reduced. The same reduction was not seen in the control group.

A Holistic Approach

Taking into consideration other methods by which you would be able to get rid of viscera fat, you can say that while visceral fat may prove to be a problem, you can still do something to get rid of it. Try to be more active. Yes, you may feel tired at the very notion of exercising, but it can do so much in getting rid of the harmful belly fat.

Suffice to say, drinking green tea, coupled with an active lifestyle can help you get rid of that nasty belly fat. You just need to be consistent and to persevere. That way, you will eventually work your way towards a healthier you.