How I Met Your Mother series finale
Play this "How I Met Your Mother" inspired bingo game while watching the series finale with your friends! How I Met Your Mother

Are you planning a series finale viewing party for the final episode of “How I Met Your Mother”? If not, you definitely should be. And we’re here to help you throw the biggest and baddest one of all time. So call all your friends and tell them to cancel their plans on March 31, because you’re about to blow them away with the sickest “HIMYM”-themed bash of them all.

The series finale, “Last Forever,” will air at 8 p.m. EDT on Sunday. But don’t panic! That’s more than enough time to whip together a viewing bash. Seriously, just call us party broda (bro yoda, obviously).

Here are some things you’re going to need for you “HIMYM” series finale celebration, starting with the most important: food.

We’d say get your best scotch out for this fine occasion but really, who can afford the real-life version of Glen Mckenna? So instead get some cheaper liquor that is if you’re 21 or older and some nice highball glasses to make your party the classiest of them all. Not a fan of scotch? No problem! In honor of the iconic yellow umbrella from “HIMYM,” make some festive drinks of your choice and place a cocktail umbrella pick in your glass. You can get a pack of 20 for 99 cents at Party City.

Need finger foods? Well, you know how Barney feels about fries with a few “accidental curlies.” Surprise your guests by hiding a few of those fried-spiral gems in the bowl of sliced potatoes.

Have healthier friends? We’ve got your back! What’s healthier than sliced pineapples? This is in honor of “The Pineapple Incident” episode. I wonder if they’ll get to the bottom of that during the series finale. You could also get a tray of sandwiches for your guests. Just don’t let them eat too many. We all saw how weird Ted and Marshall got when they got high -- uh, we mean full-- on cold cuts.

If you’re really serious about your “HIMYM” series finale party you can create a bro code for all your guests, one rule being that all your attendees “suit up” for the festivity. And since we’re on the subject of wardrobes—how about you add some flair to your party by giving your friends temporary butterfly tattoos. Hey, they look pretty good on Ted and Lily!

You can also keep the fun alive by adding games to your party. We suggest puzzles, operation or even “HIMYM” bingo. Prove you deserve the “threeway belt” by winning each game.

Do you think you’ll have the best “HIMYM” series finale party? Let us know what other ideas you have to create the most successful bash in the comments section below. Good luck and we hope you don’t get surprised by your very own “naked man.”