• How to increase life expectancy is one question that hounds many people today
  • Experts say that living longer depends a lot on the kind of food that one eats
  • Following the Japanese diet can help people to increase life expectancy

How to increase life expectancy is one question that many people would often ask. This is because almost everyone would like to live longer. There are ways on how you can do this and one of them, as per health experts, is to follow a specific kind of diet.

According to many health professionals, the key to living longer is by eating the right kind of food. The World Health Organization has found that a certain country is known for having a population that reaches the age of 87 on the average. This country is no other than Japan and they are known to have a diet that is far different from their Western counterparts.

japanese food diet longer life expectancy
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The Japanese Secret

According to research conducted in 2016, and found in the British Medical Journal, the Japanese diet is one that recommends proportional food intake. They follow a certain recommended amount of food. This is why Japanese adults who stick to this diet get to live longer.

The nation is also regarded as one that has the lowest mortality rate in the world. Accordingly, Japanese are more likely to reach more than 100 years old as compared to other nations in the world.

The Japanese Diet

It might come as a surprise but the Japanese diet is also high in a specific type of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. However, one thing that they’re not fond of eating is processed foods, those high in saturated fats. This means that the majority of their foods are made up of natural foods.

Some of the foods that could be found in a regular Japanese diet include fish, natto, noodles, steamed rice, seaweed, vegetables, and fresh cooked fruits. It is also made up of low amounts of meat, dairy and eggs. In addition, a lot of Japanese also incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

The Amazing Results

With the kind of diet and lifestyle that many Japanese follow, many get to live a long and healthy life. One doctor, Dr. Craig Wilcox said that the Japanese have a low risk of arteriosclerosis. They also have a lower risk of developing cancer. Also, many of them enjoy low blood pressure and low cholesterol.

Indeed, if you follow the Japanese way of life and diet, becoming healthy will not be difficult. It could also help in increasing your longevity.