After Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, she appeared to have an easy time fitting into the royal family. Years before the couple’s royal wedding, there was a time when she came under fire for unacceptable behavior.

In October 2007, Kate was called out by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after she was seen participating in a “cruel” royal tradition. At the time, an onlooker spotted Prince Charles teaching Kate how to hunt at Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral residence.

“Eyewitnesses said Miss Middleton showed a remarkable level of confidence as she chatted enthusiastically with Prince Charles while he showed her the ropes,” the Daily Mail reported.

Although hunting is a hobby valued by members of the royal family, including Prince William, Kate was criticized for her decision to participate in the blood sport. “Kate is obviously trying to endear herself to the Royal Family, which is absolutely appalling,” PETA’s Yvonne Taylor said in a statement. 

“It wasn’t so long ago when she was pictured wearing a fur hat, which caused a public outcry, and now she is endorsing blood sports. The vast majority of the public will be disgusted by these images,” she continued.

Although Princess Diana participated in a hunt in the past, Taylor suggested Kate shouldn’t be compared to Prince Charles’ late wife, who vowed to never kill another animal.

“Some have compared Kate to Diana, but Diana never wore fur, and she also turned against blood sports,” she said.

A rep for the League Against Cruel Sports went on to slam Kate for hunting animals to impress the royal family. “Killing deer for a sport is a horrible pastime. It’s very sad that she has chosen to participate in this cruel sport,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s hardly a setting a good role model for young women, killing animals, and I can’t see that this will do her reputation any good whatsoever.” 

Despite Kate’s controversial decision, and the backlash that followed, Prince William continued his relationship with his college sweetheart. The couple is now parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.