SB19 "WYAT" promo picture
SB19 promotional photo for the group's latest single "WYAT." SB19 official Twitter


  • SB19 released its latest single "WYAT (Where You At)" Friday
  • The disco-funk track pays homage to the music of the yesteryears
  • The song landed on the top spot on iTunes charts in several countries

SB19, a five-piece boy band from the Philippines, recently made a comeback with the release of its new single "WYAT (Where You At)."

The group debuted the music video for the track on YouTube and other music streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Friday, following more than a year of hiatus since the group's "Pagsibol (Growth)" EP, released in February 2021.

The song quickly landed on different global charts, with music data-analyzing site reporting that it peaked at No. 74 on the worldwide iTunes song chart on the day of its release.

"WYAT" secured the top spot on the iTunes chart in the band's home country, the Philippines, as well as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore. It grabbed the second spot on Bahrain's iTunes chart and the fourth spot in Saudi Arabia.

SB19 also proved its growing star power in North America when its latest single peaked at No. 20 in Canada and No. 70 in the United States.

SB19 "WYAT" music video

The music video for the disco-funk track pays homage to the music of the yesteryears and some of the iconic aesthetics and mementos of early pop culture.

The lyrics, written by SB19's leader Pablo, appear to express one's longing for a reconnection with a lover after a disruption of communication. But Pablo himself admitted that he wrote the song for his bandmates Josh, Stell, Justin and Ken amid the difficult times during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

"We've been performing for almost half of our lives together, and due to the pandemic, our world was suddenly put on hold," he said in a statement to The National.

"I felt a disconnection among the group brought about by the lockdown, and I've wanted to reach out to them through this song," he added.

SB19 "WYAT" disco scene
SB19 "WYAT" music video disco scene. SB19 official YouTube

SB19 debuted as the first Philippine boy group that underwent Korean-style training under the Philippine branch of South Korean entertainment agency ShowBT in 2018.

"SB" comes from the agency's name, while "19" is the sum of the international dialing codes for the Philippines (+63) and Korea (+82) when the digits are added individually, as explained by the members in multiple interviews.

The group debuted with a sad romantic ballad, titled "Tilaluha (Stop Crying)," in October 2018. But it was met with a lukewarm response, according to Philippine media outlet GMA News.

The band's 2019 follow-up, "Go Up," proved to be its redemption song when its dance practice video went viral on social media, saving the group from possible disbandment, added the outlet.

SB19 was quickly catapulted to national fame, leading the group to release its first studio album, "Get In The Zone," on July 31, 2020. The songs on the album heavily reflected the influence of the K-pop trend.

But the group was determined to break into the music scene with its own sound. Its six-track EP "Pagsibol" was a testament to the members' united desire as it offered a variety of OPM (original Pinoy music) sounds, laced with modern twists.

While the anthemic lead song "What?" instantly garnered national attention, it was the group's English song "Bazinga" that brought the band to greater heights internationally.

"Bazinga" debuted on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart and helped the band become the first act that wasn't K-pop super-group BTS to hit No. 1 on the tally. It also became the longest-running champion on the ranking by topping the chart for seven weeks, alongside BTS' "Permission to Dance" and "Butter," according to Forbes.

With "WYAT's" release, SB19 once again reinvented its sound and expanded its already varied discography. The track has undeniable Western influence, perhaps a teaser for what's to come next for the international music act.

SB19 is currently gearing up for a world tour that will kick off on Sept. 17 at one of the Philippines' premier concert venues, the Araneta Coliseum. The members confirmed that they will do shows in other parts of the country next before embarking on their world tour in October that will see them perform in Singapore, UAE, the U.S. and many more, NME reported.

SB19 "WYAT" ending pose
SB19 "WYAT" music video ending pose. SB19 official YouTube