Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana
Pictured: Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Lord Linley, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mother outside Clarence House in London on Aug. 4, 1989. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt

While Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson’s marriages ended in scandal, Sophie, Countess of Wessex managed to avoid tarnishing the Royal Family’s reputation.

Sophie, who has been married to Prince Edward for 20 years, was able to live a relatively quiet life in the Royal Family compared to her in-laws. While Princess Diana’s separated from Prince Charles in 1992, Sarah, who is often called Fergie, finalized her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996.

Diana and Fergie’s marriages to Prince Charles and Prince Andrew damaged the Royal Family’s public image. However, in the book, “Prince Edward,” Ingrid Seward claimed Sophie was able to avoid scandal due to her experience in public relations, and the ability to follow directions.

“Unlike Sarah, Sophie was careful not to upstage her royal paramour. She was there at his side if he wanted her there. She took up sailing and Real Tennis to please him. Should the situation so demand, however, she was quite happy to step out of the limelight,” the royal biographer wrote.

While the Countess of Wessex kept “any reservations or complaints” to herself, Princess Diana did not attempt to cover up her unhappiness during her marriage to Prince Charles.

“Diana had been overwhelmed and had retreated into illness. Chefs and footmen had been made available to her but much to their bemusement, they were rarely called upon. Instead, the Princess withdrew into self-imposed isolation and seldom asked anyone around to the Palace, even for tea.”

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s wife earned the infamous nickname, “‘Freebie Fergie” due to her extravagant parties and wealthy associates. “Sarah, conversely, had been over-excited by the outward trappings of royal life and lived it up, forever hosting champagne parties for her ever-widening circle of friends.”

Although Sophie had a smooth transition when she joined the Royal Family, Princess Diana and Fergie are still praised for their charitable organizations and contributions.