Queen Elizabeth II was subjected to terrible scenes when Princess Anne and Prince Charles were still kids.

The Queen is a tough woman. She took over the monarchy when she was just 27 and had to deal with her growing family. She had two young children during her coronation, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

In Ingrid Seward’s book “My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage,” the biographer gave royal followers and fans a glimpse of the Queen’s life as a wife and a mother. According to Seward, the Prince of Wales and Princess Royal didn’t get along during their infant years and once drew the Queen’s wrath.

Seward pointed out how Princess Anne was a bully to her older brother. Whatever Prince Charles wanted, Princess Anne would get it for herself.

For example, if Prince Charles was riding, his younger sister would want to do the same.

“‘There were terrible scenes,’ said Eileen Parker who used to entertain the royal siblings at her home in Kensington’s Launceston Place,” Seward wrote.

One time Princess Anne reportedly returned from a riding lesson and set about her brother with her riding cop which made Prince Charles cry just in time when the Queen arrived.

“Charles burst into tears as the Queen opened the door,” Seward continued.

“In exasperation, she shouted: ‘Why can’t you behave yourselves!’”

Prince Anne later admitted that she and Prince Charles “fought like cats and dogs.” The royal siblings are all grown up, but they still share a “combustible” relationship.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne are very different. The future king is “meek” and “defensive.” On the other hand, his sister is “stubborn” and “strong-willed.”

Prince Charles doesn’t particularly like Princess Anne’s public outbursts and rage towards the press. The heir apparent finds it “counter-productive.”

Last month, Princess Anne and Prince Charles attended Buckingham Palace’s first garden party. They were joined by Camilla Parker Bowles.

The three of them were photographed at the event. However, stern-faced Prince Charles appeared to be snapping at Princess Anne since the latter fell back a few paces behind him.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne attend the annual Braemar Highland Gathering on Sept. 1, 2018 in Braemar, Scotland. Photo: Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell