• A man in India allegedly tied his wife and her supposed lover to a pole and beat them Sunday
  • The husband was detained after police received a complaint from the woman following the beating
  • The man had suspicions prior to the incident and allegedly caught the two in the act

A man in India's Gujarat state has been detained after he allegedly tied up his wife and her supposed lover together to a pole and beat them in public, police said.

Authorities said the arrest happened after the woman, who was not named, filed a complaint about the incident, which happened Sunday in a village located in the district of Valsad, the Times of India reported. Footage of the beating also reached authorities after making the rounds on social media platform WhatsApp on the same day.

The unnamed husband, a casual day laborer, was detained as a preventive measure following the complaint. He was later released on bail by an executive magistrate.

According to police, the man had suspicions of his wife having an affair prior to the incident because she had moved to Kajli village to live with her mother. The wife then challenged the husband before leaving to prove his suspicions by catching her red-handed, which had since prompted the man to monitor his wife.

On the day of the beating, the wife had called to meet her alleged paramour, but they were intercepted by her husband and caught in a "compromising" position, the report said.

The husband allegedly dragged his wife and her supposed lover outside and tied them to a pole, where he beat them until villagers intervened.

A few witnesses were able to capture the incident on their mobile phones and shared it on social media.

Police, upon learning of the video, contacted the woman's lover and asked him to file a complaint. He, however, refused.

"We asked the man to lodge a complaint so that we can take an action," sub-inspector RJ Gamit of the Nanapondha police station said. "He refused saying that he had made a mistake by going to meet the woman."

The woman, for her part, gave an application to the police but insisted on not lodging a first information report.

"She gave the complaint before we got to know about the video, so we detained him as a preventive measure," Gamit said.

Police did not say if the two received injuries over the beating nor did they disclose their current conditions.

Representational image. Pixabay