Hyundai Motor to recall 190,000 cars in US
Hyundai Motor to recall 190,000 cars in US REUTERS

The world's second-largest mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics and South Korea's top automaker Hyundai Motor are considering joint development of a smart car.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the electronic giant Samsung will apply its smartphone technology to Hyundai's onboard computer systems.

Hyundai Motor is examining potential partners with whom to develop a smart car that enables automatic connection between the vehicle's tablet computer and smartphones, the Xinhua reported on Tuesday.

A Hyundai representative said Samsung was one of the potential partners we have met, for the project to build what is termed smart cars with mobile phone or Internet capabilities built in.

Hyundai has developed its own tablet PC and apparently plans to install them in its cars starting 2013. The latest deal is likely to involve Samsung's smartphones being linked to Hyundai's tablet PCs, enabling smartphone users to share applications and content with the tablet PC.

Such smart vehicles are expected to allow free and easy access to the various contents of the smartphone from the car's tablet computer, they said.