• Trans prisoner Demi Minor was removed from women prison and sent to male facility
  • Minor said her right to remain free from sexual harassment has been violated 
  • Minor has requested to be sent back to female prison 

Burlington, Vermont -- New Jersey's Department of Corrections (DOC) is facing allegations of compromising the safety of a trans inmate who was shifted to a male facility after impregnating 2 women, resulting from "consensual sexual relationships."

Demi Minor, whose preferred pronouns are she/her, said she was forced to live in a male prison, reported New York Post. "They have violated my right to be safe and free from sexual harassment, by putting me in one of the most violent youth Correctional facilities," Minor wrote on her blog, Justice 4 Demi.

In another blog, 27-year-old Minor wrote she was forcibly removed from Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women on June 24 where she was serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter. She was shifted to Garden State Youth Correctional Facility (GSYC) -- a prison for young adults in Burlington County.

Minor alleged she was beaten by correctional officers in the van while being transported.

She was moved months after news outlets reported the pregnancies in April. The DOC said they were taking measures to ensure the health and safety of all inmates at the facility, but refused to provide details on their handling of the pregnancies.

On July 15, Minor wrote she was placed on suicide watch at GSYC "due to the fact that I had hung myself in the van." Minor had requested she be strip-searched by female officers before being sent to the detention unit. She said her request was not honored by the lieutenant and she was subjected to a verbal attack by male officers who searched her.

"The Lieutenant refused and mocked me as I asked for this, he said if I did not follow his commands to allow two male officers to strip search me he was going to cut all my clothes off of me and place me in a dry cell. I cried and complied with his commands as the male officer said things to me that I perceived as wrong," she wrote.

Minor was briefly transferred to the New York State prison where "I was called he and him well over 30 times, this has not happened to me in years being referred to primarily as a man," she said.

Minor wrote she has endured "psychological damage" due to the ignorance of fellow inmates who address her using derogatory terms. She blamed the GSYC administration and NJDOC in the writeup, saying she would much rather prefer being closely watched at Edna Mahan instead.

"As a woman who is transgender, I truly fear what lies ahead for me, it's clear that staff has looked for some kind of security reason to kick me out of the only female correctional facility, they have thrown me to the wolfs and expected for me just gave up, I am baffled and disgusted by this use power and I can only ask that the commissioner and governors office please send me back. I don’t deserve to be treated like this," Minor stated.

The DOC has not responded to the allegations yet, but said they're investigating, reported

“NJDOC cannot comment on any active investigations. The Department has zero tolerance for abuse, and the safety and security of the incarcerated population and staff are of critical importance.”

New Jersey prisons had adopted a policy to house transgender prisoners according to their gender identity, following a settlement agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union. The agreement, which was drawn up on June 21 last year, mandated it stay in place for at least a year.

DOC spokesperson Dan Sperrazza said they have continued to operate under the policy but "the department is currently reviewing the policy for housing transgender incarcerated persons with the intention of implementing minor modifications."

He said housing prisoners like Minor are "made within the parameters of the settlement agreement which requires consideration of gender identity and the health and safety of the individual."

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