• Brian Wagoner started seeing a Los Angeles therapist he found online in 2012
  • A doctor prescribed him estrogen treatment to begin the transition on his first visit
  • Wagoner accused medical professionals of overlooking his crises and manipulation

San Gabriel, California -- A transgender woman from California who decided to transition back to their biological gender after living for nearly 10 years with their changed identity is blaming their therapist for making the transition in the first place.

The 31-year-old realized he does identify, in fact, with his biological sex, and blamed the therapist who told him he could be transgender during their first session in 2012.

Brian Wagoner said he knew he was gay but was anguished over accepting the reality as his father was homophobic, New York Post reported Monday. In 2012, Wagoner made an appointment with a therapist who also made videos about trans persons on Youtube.

During his first in-person session with the therapist, a clinical social worker in Los Angeles, 22-year-old Wagoner was told he could be transgender.

After a couple of sessions, Wagoner was referred to a doctor who prescribed him estrogen treatment on his very first visit. He underwent regular hormone therapy, laser hair removal on his entire body, and even legally changed his name to Brianna, the outlet reported.

Wagoner now blames medical professionals who overlooked his crises of internalized homophobia and drug addiction, and for allegedly manipulating him over his insecurities.

“This therapist knew I was addicted to drugs. She knew I had severe depression. But we didn’t go over any of that. It was just about hormones,” Wagoner told the publication.

“My therapist really was an activist who also happened to be a psychologist,” he continued. “I probably should have been put in a psychiatric hospital, not given estrogen. I just needed someone to listen to me, but this woman had me go and change my body’s chemistry and my whole life.”

Talking about the years-long estrogen treatment he was prescribed, Wagoner added, “There’s a lot of money to be made by doctors here. They see the dollar signs, and in the end money talks.”

After living a third of his life as the opposite sex, the man finally decided to detransition to his birth sex in February. He cut his hair, stopped his hormone therapy, and also changed his name again.

While he never did get the sex reassignment surgery, Brian suffers from painful urination and pelvic inflammation due to his estrogen medication. He is also being monitored for osteoporosis, a reaction to his hormone therapy.

Wagoner said, medical professionals, persuaded him to transition when his real issue was his agony over being gay.

“In California, there really are no barriers to transition,” Wagoner told the New York Post.

He revealed his addiction to gay porn led him toward transgender fetish content, eventually causing gender dysphoria, also defined as discomfort within one’s body.

According to NHS, this discomfort or discontent may be so extreme that it can negatively affect daily life and lead to depression and anxiety.

While Wagoner knew he was gay, he was paranoid about his father, a Vietnam veteran, finding out the truth. Wagoner's father was "a very alpha male, super macho kind of guy. I learned at a young age that being gay is a terrible thing. I was so paranoid about him finding out that I was," he said.

After suppressing his true self for years, Wagoner finally accepted himself for who he really is. “I really reconnected with being myself and accepted the fact that I’m gay,” he said.

Wagoner finally came out to his father, who accepted him completely.

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The latest ruling comes after two transgender men challenged Hong Kong's policy, denouncing it as a human rights violation AFP / Robyn Beck