• Coffee is now considered as one of the healthiest beverages that you can consume
  • It contains a chockfull of nutrients that the body can benefit from
  • Drinking a certain number of cups a day can help lengthen life

Living a life full of happiness, energy, and free of chronic diseases remains to be the goal of many. In fact, data shows that the Internet is hugely loaded with searches on how to attain such a goal. Everyone seems eager to know what can be the secret. You might be surprised, but it has been scientifically proven that a certain hot beverage can add more years to your life and even lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's.

A Hot Beverage To Enjoy

A recent study found that coffee provides you with dozens of benefits, prompting some scientists to declare it as one of the healthiest beverages in the world. Coffee has been enjoyed by many for a very long time and has even been the subject of many studies with some of such researches saying it is not good. New research, however, has established the link between coffee and lower risk of cancer and heart disease.

coffee and health
coffee and health cocoparisienne -Pixabay

According to scientists, you can add two more years to your life by having as little as two cups of coffee daily. Published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, the research was conducted by examining past studies on the health benefits of coffee.

The researchers analyzed some 40 studies that involved 3,852,651 participants and 450,256 death causes. They found that drinking coffee has an inverse link with all mortality causes regardless of weight, age, smoking status, alcohol consumption, and the coffee’s caffeine content.

A Healthy Drink

Scientists, in recent years, have examined the effects of drinking coffee on different aspects of health. Numerous researches show that coffee does more just help you stay awake; it can also make you very smart.

Caffeine works in your brain by obstructing the effects of adenosine, an inhibitory transmitter. By blocking adenosine’s inhibitory effects, caffeine increases the neuronal firing in your brain and helps facilitate the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are also neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters improve brain function and a good mood.

A study conducted by experts from the US National Library of Health National Institutes of Health investigated the link between coffee drinking and mortality.

Researchers concluded that coffee drinkers enjoy a lower risk of death from all causes. Coffee drinking also has profound effects on patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. It noted that drinking coffee lowers the risk of death among type 2 diabetes patients by 30% over 20 years. Coffee is a great source of many vitamins and minerals. It is also a huge source of antioxidants in the modern diet.

Many other studies have shown that coffee helps in lowering the risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It also helps burn fat, improves liver health and physical performance. Researchers, however, recommend to drink coffee in moderation and as much as possible, to avoid adding sugar to the beverage.