Each year hundreds of Indian girls are being operated on to turn them into boys with the help of corrupt doctors in Indore.

Indian girls as young as one to five are the victims of the sex change operation as they are pumped full of hormone drugs.

Female infanticide is not uncommon in India as the country places more importance on sons and daughters are often seen as a great financial burden to the family because of their education and especially marriage where the girls' parents have to pay huge amount of dowries to the bridegrooms' families. Sometimes the dowries can run up to $100,000 or more.

Hence it is not surprising to see girls' parents in India turn to doctors to operate on their daughters and change their sex.

The sex change operations, however, are not without complications and pose the danger of turning the girls into freaks or misfits in the society. These girls, even if they survive the trauma of the operation, suffer from infertility and impotency as the implanted organs are not capable of producing hormones.

According to medical experts, sex change operations are carried out generally only to cure Gender Identity Dysphoria (GID) and the Indian government has acknowledged the problem.

Indore's genitoplasty experts reveal that each clinic and hospital in Indore has transformed 200 to 300 girls into 'boys' so far. Relatively inexpensive cost - about $3,300 - and vague laws regarding such practices have lured greedy parents even more. Indore’s success stories on the sex change have now attracted parents from other cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, according to Hindustan Times.

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