IndiGo Airlines customers have used Twitter as an outlet to complain about a delayed flight Saturday at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, also known as Guwahati Airport. Many passengers deemed the air carrier as "pathetic" for its mishandling of IndiGo flight 457, but others also used the extensive Twitter thread to detail other issues with the Indian airline.

"Pathetic @IndiGo6E! Pathetic," Twitter user Shubhrastha wrote in a tweet. "Your flight 457 from Gauhati to Agartala is delayed. No information! No service! Diabetes patients collapsing! Your disgusting staff with no clue running helter skelter! At least have the decency to call passengers! Feed them! Be hospitable!"

The delay to IndiGo flight 457 was out of the Indian air carrier's control due to low visibility Saturday at Guwahati Airport, which led the airline to err on the side of caution. This didn't stop people from leaving negative feedback for IndiGo on Twitter, however. 

"Travelled on Indigo several times, had no serious problems till now," Twitter user @ChocolateLavaC1 wrote

"@IndiGo6E is one of the most arrogant airlines with rudest possible staff," Twitter user @deepak9565 said.

"They and #IndianAirlines/#AirIndia are worst people," Twitter user @vidyavachaspati wrote in a tweet. This led IndiGo to respond: "This doesn't sound good. Kindly share your passenger name record (PNR) via DM so we may look into it."

IndiGo responded to Shubhrastha's initial complaint, however.

"We're sorry to hear this," IndiGo wrote on Twitter. "We'd like to inform you that 6E 457 is facing consequential delay due to the low visibility at Guwahati airport and we did inform our passengers about the delay via SMS and call. We've informed our team at Guwahati Airport to look into it on priority."

IndiGo issued an apology to the affected customers from Saturday's incident at Guwahati Airport. 

"We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to our passengers at Guwahati Airport on January 13, 2018, due to unavoidable reasons beyond our control which include adverse weather conditions and subsequent air traffic congestion," an IndiGo spokesperson told International Business Times. "We witnessed a drop in visibility at Guwahati due to which flight operations to and from [the] airport were disrupted. Consequently, there were cancellations and delays of all airlines from Guwahati."

"In order to ensure the fastest possible resolution, IndiGo's staff arranged for alternate flights from Guwahati," the airline continued.

IndiGo also operated additional flights the next day, which the India-based air carrier claims helped all affected passengers to reach their intended destinations. IndiGo staffers also made arrangements for food and additional necessary accommodations for passengers that flew out the following day.

"With everyone's close cooperation, all passengers reached their respective destinations safely," IndiGo told IBT. "We extend our sincere thanks to passengers for bearing with our staff at Guwahati Airport."

IndiGo's flights were also affected Saturday at Bengaluru Airport due to "bad weather," the air carrier confirmed on Twitter. The airline even had to reschedule all of its flights at Chennai Airport a day earlier because of "low visibility."

Guwahati Airport did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.