Monkeys are known to be great mimics of human mannerisms. In a recent incident, a primate proved the fact yet again after it walked itself in at a doctor's clinic to have its wound dressed--and the dutiful doctor obliged.

A video shared on Twitter appears to show the female monkey holding its baby to its chest as sits at the clinic. The simian is seen patiently cooperating as the doctor checks its wound.

And, as opposed to most animals growing irritable or getting startled by strong light, the monkey didn't resist when the doctor shone a torch on the wound to examine it, which earned it a lot of praise online.

The video then pans to the people who had gathered outside the small clinic by a busy road, many of whom were busy filming the heartwarming scene.

The incident took place Tuesday in Sasaram, a city in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, according to Indian Express.

The monkey and its baby both sustained injuries seemingly after a fall. The primate, along with its baby, reached the clinic of one Dr. Ahmed who gave them a shot tetanus injection each, cleaned their wounds, and spread some ointment over them, Deccan Herald reported.

The doctor reportedly asked other waiting patients to disperse so that the monkeys could leave undisturbed.

Talking to Jagran News, Dr. Ahmed said the monkeys sat in front of his clinic for a while so he invited them in. The physician added that the female ape didn't let go of her baby even for a moment during the treatment.

The mother monkey was extolled by social media users for its smartness and the doctor for his generosity.

In October 2021, a sick stray dog in Brazil made its way into a veterinary clinic with a limp. The dog had an injured paw and stretched it forward to the vets to show where it hurt. They were amazed to see the animal was smart enough to seek help on its own. The doctors found the injury wasn't too severe but noticed a small tumor covered with fleas. After determining it to be cancerous, they put the canine on medication. Fortunately, its tumor was treatable.

A monkey eats a banana given by a devotee outside Galtaji temple in India's western city of Jaipur, Jan. 21, 2012. REUTERS/Altaf Hussain