Giuliana and Bill Rancic just announced that they are expecting their first child via gestational carrier in the late summer and the gifts are already rolling in. Yesterday the E! News host was treated to a surprise baby shower by her coworkers.

Just surprised Giuliana with a mini baby shower, Rancic's assistant, Sarah Knight, tweeted. We're all so happy!

Rancic was obviously not expecting the shower so soon, after just announcing her pregnancy on Monday. However, she was very excited.

We waited for a good 10-15 minutes for G to come into the conference room where everything was set up, an attendee told People magazine. In true G fashion, she was on the phone until the very last minute we all yelled, 'Surprise!'

Luv u girl & my amazing @ENews family :)). I was shocked! Rancic tweeted.

The E! News crew worked hard to put the shower together and decorated everything in yellow and green since the Rancics have not announced the sex of the baby yet. Southern Girl Desserts provided the treats for the shower and Party Paper Wrap provided the decor.

There were baggies to put mini-chick candies in to take home and lemonade in jars with striped green straws in them, a source told People magazine.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic announced that they were expecting on Monday. The couple has struggled with infertility issues for the past several years.

We are so thrilled that our prayers have been answered, Giuliana told E! News.

We are absolutely ecstatic to be sharing this with everyone who has been following our journey, Bill added.

Last year Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. The couple never gave up their desire and hope to have a baby.

I'm not gonna give up, Giuliana said back in October. That baby will have saved my life. There's some master plan. Now I know that [God] was looking out for me.