• Emily Mitchell was a popular parenting blogger
  • She and her husband had four children and were expecting their fifth one
  • She was having her morning coffee and toast when she suddenly became unresponsive
  • The doctors are still trying to determine the cause of her death

Blogger and Influencer Emily Mitchell passed away suddenly at the age of 36. The tragedy occurred just three days ahead of Christmas.

Emily, best known for her Instagram page The Hidden Way, was 16 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, according to Today. The popular parenting blogger was married to a public school teacher and had four children with him. She was a Rhode Island native and was expecting a son, whom she planned to name Joey.

Mitchell had 156,000 followers on her Instagram page. She blogged about raising her children and simple and clean farm living. The Gaffney-Dolan Funeral Home in Westerly, Rhode Island confirmed the blogger's death to the outlet.

A fundraising page for the Mitchell family has been set up. According to the page, she was "having her morning coffee and toast when she suddenly became unresponsive." While she did receive prompt medical attention, unfortunately, all efforts to revive her failed.

"Despite the prompt attention of her children, husband, father and other medical personnel, all valiant efforts to resuscitate were unsuccessful. She went home to be with the Lord," the statement on the fundraising site reads.

The real reason behind Emily's untimely death is still unknown. Doctors are reportedly trying to find answers to the very question. It was also confirmed that her unborn child had not survived.

"The doctors are still working on answers for her family. We will update everyone with answers when we get them," the statement continues.

The blogger is survived by her husband Joseph Mitchell and their four children Finn, Isla, Eden and Luna.

Emily revealed the big news about her fifth pregnancy in November 2020. She shared a picture of herself with her husband holding a sonogram of her unborn baby.

"YOU GUYS. NUMBER FIVE. _ Who guessed the secret?!!! you've probably noticed I've been a little MIA..welp this be the reason lol Number FIVE comin in hot and we are here for it 11 weeks 2 days and counting," she captioned the picture.

Days ahead of her death, Emily shared another picture of herself with her entire family where she revealed that she is planning a fifth C-section.

"YOU are no less a mother if you needed emergency medical intervention, had a planned c-section, or an epidural. You aren't a 'better' mother if you had a home birth or an unmedicated vaginal birth," she shared with her followers in her post on Dec. 9, 2020.