There are close to 500 million cats in the worlds, says Days of the Year. So that means you can find at least one to show a little love to on International Cat Day. Reuters

From striped tabbies to ultra-plush Persians, cats come in a variety of loveable sizes, colors and temperaments. So what better day to share your favorite feline than August 8, International Cat Day. Created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002, the animal rights organization hopes to encourage cat owners and fans to honor their fuzzy friends.

Many animal shelters worldwide are encouraging people to adopt cats on Friday while others are holding courses on feline care and health. Cat owners are getting in on the fun as well, taking to social media to post photos of their beloved companions. And though a few dog fans have raised some issues with the feline fondness flooding their timelines today, it’s hard to deny the cats below are anything less than darling!