IPad '3' Release Date April 20th For 21 Additional Countries, Apple's New Tablet Goes Global [REPORT]
Apple's new iPad has been available in the United States and Europe for over a month now, but the device has yet to expand globally. The Cupertino-based company is looking to change that, announcing that the next generation tablet will make its debut in 21 additional countries starting on April 20th. Apple

Before you buy the new iPad, have you figured out how you will be making use of it? While most people use the device for browsing the Internet, chatting with pals and watching movies, there are some out there who use the device for completely different purposes.

Let’s have a look at the five coolest ways to use your iPad.

Surfing the Waves: This might seem like a weird thing to do, but you could definitely go surfing with your iPad. Before any conclusions are drawn on this use, it is to be remembered that the tablet’s G-Form outdoor case uses a technology called reactive protection which makes use of a flexible exoskeleton to make sure the iPad doesn’t break. Previously, the company had demonstrated dropping a bowling ball onto the case with an iPad inside. Basically, the molecules form together when the pad senses any impact that might be dangerous.

Greatest Remote Control on the Planet: The iPad can be your best companion while you are watching your favorite show or following the play-offs. The Aptwee works with 200 brands and 845 models of home entertainment equipment. An IR (infrared) dongle is needed that connects to the headphone jack. The dongle costs around $20 and the app is free to download. Now you can change the source, adjust audio properties, and can also control subtitles using the full-screen touch interface.

X-Ray in Hospitals: This can be regarded as one of the most innovative use for an iPad. Last year it was reported that the staff at the Children’s Hospital of Central California use an app called VMware View to treat patients. They tapped into a desktop remotely to view x-rays, check on patient tests, and look at health records. This technology is known as “follow me desktop”. It is more efficient than traditional remote access apps.

You are the DJ: You can now be everybody’s favorite DJ with your iPad. And Djay is one of the best apps for this purpose. This app lets you create scratches on the fly and mix two songs at the same time. Some have even debated that the app actually works better than the real equipment which is pretty expensive. Here you can pile up a boat-load of songs and make use of the touch interface to mix the songs up. Later you can cue up the songs for a party and even analyze your song library to decide which one is best for the mood.

Placing the Food: Did you know that there’s an iPad on every table at the Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company restaurant in Indianapolis, encased in a metal shroud? The restaurant has no regular menus and all you need to do is browse through the dinner selections and order drinks. You can also check on the status of an order, watch videos showing how they make the food and the beer, and also update your Facebook status.

Again at the Lunar nightclub in Cincinnati, the staff carries an iPad around and you can place the order using a custom app called “Runners”. This app enables the person to stay at his place and never go back to the kitchen. The place also manages a guest list that can manage up to 800 people.

Let us know if you can think of other uses.