Bye, Bye iPhone 4
A woman uses her Apple iPhone 4 smartphone for Web surfing during a photo opportunity on a street in Seoul May 24, 2011. Picture taken on May 24, 2011. Reuters

Forget cute hats, scarves and boots, the must-have accessory this fall won't be coming off a runway, but there will be hundreds of them at every single fashion week.

Despite its pushed back release date, the hype surrounding the new Apple iPhone 5 has made it the single most anticipated accessory for the fall.

The new iPhone will run on iOS5, a new Apple technology, and is rumored to look sleeker than the iPhone 3 or iPhone 4. Because of the delay in its release other cell phone manufactuers are probbaly trying to play technology catch-up, but with the colorful array of cases available for the iPhone and its cool design, it's the only phone you'll want in your Brikin bag this fall.