isis special forces
New ISIS Islamic Shield Brigade fighters pose for a photo at their training "graduation" ceremony in what is believed to be Mosul, Iraq, November 2014. TRAC

Rockets fired into southern Israel from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on Friday are being claimed by the ISIS Egypt affiliate Sinai Province, according to Reuters. The affiliate posted on Twitter claiming that they had sent three rockets into “occupied Palestine” on Friday, two days after clashes between the Egyptian military and the jihadist group on Wednesday.

Reuters had not independently confirmed that the rockets were fired by Sinai Province, however the group is known to have attacked Israel on several previous occasions. Egypt denied that rockets had been sent from the peninsula, Ynet News reported.

Israeli police said that the remains of two rockets had been found following the blasts, Reuters reported. No damage or injuries resulted from the rocket attacks.

On Wednesday, militants reportedly attacked as many as 10 Egyptian military posts in the peninsula, killing 70 Egyptian security force members. Egypt responded with air attacks, and the government in Cairo has said that they killed 100 jihadists.

It was not immediately clear in reports who exactly had been involved in those clashes. Israel has accused Hamas of aiding the Islamic State-associated militants. Egyptian security forces, too, have said that Hamas has been involved. Hamas has denied the allegations.

Israel has put up a high alert in the country following the Friday rocket attacks, and has closed a highway near the Israel-Egypt border to pedestrians. Rocket sirens sounded for a short period of time after Israel was targeted.

ISIS militants released a video online on Tuesday that said that they planned to turn Gaza into a "fiefdom" just like in parts of Syria and Iraq. The video said that they were going to uproot the secular Palestinian movement and the state of Israel. The group also accused Hamas of not being adequately strict with religious rules enforcement in the area. It was sent out from a stronghold somewhere in Syria.