Jason Dohring as Chase Graves
While Jason Dohring will reprise his role as Chase Graves in Season 4 of “iZombie,” the “Veronica Mars” alum is not promoted to a series regular. The CW

Jason Dohring is not promoted to a series regular for Season 4 of “iZombie.”

While viewers will see more of Dohring’s Chase Graves in the upcoming season of the CW series, TVLine confirmed that the “Veronica Mars” alum will just recur in the new installment.

Although Dohring is not a series regular, executive producer Rob Thomas told TV Guide last June that fans will be seeing the actor “throughout Season 4.” “But [Chase is] trying to hold things together,” Thomas said of what viewers can expect from the Fillmore-Graves CEO when the show returns next year. “Politically, he’s got people on his left and people on his right. He’s holding things together by a thread.”

“Now, he’s certainly taken a pretty militant stance,” Thomas added of Chase. “But he’s got a city full of people who aren’t pleased with him. He’s created 10,000 new zombies who aren’t particularly happy that they are zombies now. They’re essentially being used as a bargaining chip. And he’s got a city full of humans who aren’t happy that, among other things, the Seahawks have left town and that some people in the U.S. want to nuke Seattle. And so he’s under a ton of pressure.”

The “iZombie” cast member who got a series regular promotion for Season 4 was Robert Knepper, who had recurred as Blaine’s dad (David Anders), Angus, since Season 2 of the Rose McIver-led series.

Knepper announced his promotion in a video message shown during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel last July. “Hello, everybody! It’s Robert Knepper and I can’t tell you how excited I am to report that CW, Rob Thomas and Warner Bros. had the great foresight to make me a series regular for this next season of ‘iZombie,’” Knepper said in the clip. “I’m so excited to be back to work with such great writers, actors, directors.”

At the end of his video message, Knepper went in character and said, “All I have to say is, Blaine all is forgiven.”

As fans know, Blaine struck back against his father in a rather impressive way in Season 3, episode 8. In the episode, Blaine trapped Angus in a well and took over his brain business.

“Angus is going to get out of the well,” Thomas revealed during the show’s Comic-Con panel. “He’s going to be up to no good and he’s going to have some very hardcore violent pro-zombie people on his side.”

“iZombie” Season 4 premieres sometime next year.