Mel Gibson's mugshot
Gibson was not only arrested in Los Angeles for driving under the influence in 2006, he also had to defend himself against claims that said terrible, antisemitic remarks to a police officer during the incident. According to a sheriff's report on, Gibson asked the officer, James Mee, if he was a Jew, then added 'the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," among other comments. The actor was released on $5,000 bail and gave a public apology for his comments. “I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable," he said. " I am deeply ashamed of everything I said, and I apologize to anyone I may have offended.” Reuters

The officer who arrested Mel Gibson for a DUI in 2006 will take his case to a jury, claiming he suffered workplace discrimination after he wouldn't remove the actor's anti-Semitic tirade from the police report.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Scheper said Thursday Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee's case should be taken to a jury, although she doubted the police deputy's chances in winning his case, The Associated Press reported.

TMZ reported last year that Mee, a Jewish cop, was suing his department. Mee claims that his Christian superiors ordered him to remove four pages of the original report in Gibson's DUI case that detailed his anti-Semitic rant, including, The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

After TMZ obtained the four pages and leaked them online, Mee said his co-workers and superiors retaliated against him, ostracizing him and passing him over for a promotion.

Scheper, however, dismissed the allegations of retaliation against Mee.

While I think it's thin, I think there are enough facts to create a question for the jury to decide, Scheper said at a hearing in which Los Angeles County attorneys tried to dismiss the case, according to the Associated Press.

Mee's attorney, Yael Trock, said she was happy the case was going to trial, but added her client was open to reaching a settlement. She made no comment on whether or not Gibson would be called as a witness.

Mel Gibson is not the issue here, Trock told The Associated Press. The issue is that the department mistreated Deputy Mee, who dared to arrest Mel Gibson and treated him like any other person.