Michael Cordero’s (Brett Dier) death in “Jane the Virgin” Chapter Fifty-Four was a difficult scene to watch, and everybody had tears in their eyes when Michael breathed his last.

Personally, Dier told Entertainment Weekly that it was an emotional scene for him to do. However, he did learn something valuable in the process. “It was pretty sad. That’s another thing I took away. Just taking for granted assuming that you’re going to live for that [long]. It’s living in the moment and appreciating it as much as you possibly can. I took that away too. It feels like it’s a very spiritual thing to go through for me,” he said.

Before Season 2 ended, executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman already told him that Michael will die in Season 3, but he had no clue how they would go about it. “I didn’t know how he was going to die except it was going to be from an artery thing. It actually happens to one percent of gunshot victims that get shot in the lung and heart area, and it could be up to a year after, which is really scary. I didn’t know how it was going to go,” he said.

Usually, shows film tragic scenes like this during season finales, but “Jane the Virgin” decided to do it mid-season. Dier appreciated the show’s bravery in doing so. They let Michael live when Season 3 opened, only to snatch him away when fans least expected it. “It made it even more impactful because it gave the audience hope again and then they took him away again. It made it more intense,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Snyder told Deadline that the show will undergo a huge time jump in the next episode, and fans will get some questions answered. How did Jane recover from Michael’s death? Whose wedding are they attending? Will Jane find new love?

“Her life has changed in every way. And yet, she has had to carry on. She’s a little older now, she’s certainly less idealistic and a little more pragmatic. But she still has dreams, and hopes and fears, and beyond that — you’ll see!” Snyder teased.

But Michael fans need not fret because they’ll still see more of his character in the upcoming episodes. However, they will have to settle for flashbacks. “We do flashback to the period right after his death as well. Our show always begins with flashbacks, and the next three episodes flashback to what happened immediately after,” said Snyder.