“Jane the Virgin” is currently in the midst of its longest hiatus ever, but the lucky cast won’t have to wait long to find out what happens. Actors have already met with writers to get the lowdown on Season 5, and according to Brett Dier, they have a pretty amazing plan.

“I had a meeting with the creator of [‘Jane the Virgin,’ Jennie Snyder Urman] last week and my jaw was literally on the table,” Dier wrote on Twitter. “This final season is going to be the most insane. I can’t wait for you all to see this!!!! It will blow your mind.”

The Michael actor was part of “Jane the Virgin” finale’s most jaw-dropping twist. Jane (Gina Rodriguez) discovered that Rafael (Justin Baldoni) wasn’t acting weird because of any reason she suspected. It was because Michael — or someone who looks just like Michael — is back. He was standing in her apartment when Season 4 ended.

Jane the Virgin Michael returns Brett Dier revealed he is very excited about plans for “Jane the Virgin” Season 5. Photo: Patrick Wymore/The CW

The problem, of course, is that Michael has been dead for years. In the middle of Season 3, he died after a heart problem was caused by his gunshot wound. The CW series skipped ahead three years, and it seemed like Jane was finally moving on. She and Rafael had gotten together, and all seemed to be going smoothly, until Michael showed up.

Snyder Urman already teased that Dier’s appearance will cause trouble for the happy couple.

“If it’s Michael, which you know we’ll see what we learn, I think it changes everything. In some ways it’s the most heroic thing that Rafael could’ve done to bring him back, but also it’s his worst fear that if Michael was still there he would be Jane’s second choice,” Snyder Urman told Deadline. “So with the reappearance of this character I think he’s done the ultimate selfless act, but I think he’s put their relationship in great jeopardy and that will be a giant part of the storytelling when we finally return for Season 5.”

Unfortunately, “Jane the Virgin” fans will have to wait until 2019 to have their minds blown. The final season of the CW hit will not return until next year.