Talk about supportive! “Jane the Virgin” star Justin Baldoni might just possibly be his co-star Gina Rodriguez’s no. 1 fan.

The actor raves about his co-star every chance he gets, and he recently did so when he saw her January 2017 Marie Claire cover. He said that Rodriguez’s achievements have been “nothing short of mind blowing,” and he is proud of the way she continues to inspire young women everywhere.

Earlier, Rodriguez gave fans a sneak peek to the Marie Claire cover on her Instagram page. In the photo, the actress has short hair and wears minimal makeup that highlights her gorgeous freckles. She has on a bright yellow tank top as she flashes her trademark smile. She then gushed about the opportunity given to her to “honor and uplift women.”

In the interview for the magazine, Rodriguez talked about her childhood and her decision to join the entertainment industry. “My path wasn't laid out for me in my family or my culture, because there are so few of us in the industry,” she said. “That's how my whole career happened. Your eyes are open; you don't know what the next answer is going to be, but you're open. And you take every opportunity that comes your way.”

But despite being open, Rodriguez is certain of one thing — she is only going to choose roles that would elevate the image of Latinos and Latinas in America. “I decided I was going to take roles that progressed the image of Latinos in the industry, and I was going to choose those roles over money,” she said. “I wanted to make sure I was contributing positively and not allowing limitations to dampen my experiences and my journey.”