Professional Sumo wrestling is only practiced in Japan. According to the Japan Sumo Association, there are 52 Sumo stables and roughly 800 professional Sumo wrestlers. As many of the rituals associated in Sumo wrestling originate from Shinto, the indigenous Japanese form of spirituality, it is regarded as a symbol of Japanese culture.

About five months have passed since the March 11 deadly earthquake Tsunami struck Japan, leaving over 16,000 dead or missing, according to authorities in Japan.

Japanese citizens who lost their homes and had to stay in shelters have been returning back to their hometowns and it includes the Sumo wrestlers. The wrestlers, who are devoted to contribute back to the community that has hosted their summer training for 20 years, have returned to Soma, in the Fukushima prefecture of northern Japan.

Check out the photos of the Sumo wrestlers at their freshly rebuilt stable in Soma:

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