• A report suggests that the music produced by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira saw a massive rise in streams on Spotify. 
  • JLo's music enjoyed a rise of 335 percent while Shakira's streams saw a spike of 230 percent
  • Both performers were apparently not paid for their Super Bowl performance 

After giving perhaps one of the best Super Bowl halftime performances in recent times, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s tracks have seen a massive jump in their streaming numbers on Spotify.  The musicians performed some of their biggest hits on the stage and enthralled the audience with their amazing dance moves.

According to a report, the songs sung by Lopez saw a rise of 335 percent on the streaming giant. Her song “Get Right” made a humongous 735 percent jump after the Super Bowl halftime show. The acclaimed singer performed on “Waiting For Tonight,” “Jenny From The Block” and “Let’s Get Loud” on the big stage.

All the songs saw a massive rise in streams on the streaming service. “Waiting For Tonight” saw a jump of 685 percent while “Let’s Get Loud” went up to 570 percent. “Jenny From The Block” witnessed a jump of 545 percent.

But it is not just the “On The Floor” hitmaker who saw a rise in her streams. Shakira, J Balvin and Demi Lovato, who performed the National Anthem before the game, also enjoyed a considerable amount of jump in their streaming numbers.

The “Waka Waka” singer saw a spike of 230 percent in her music. The track to achieve the biggest jump was “Empire,” which witnessed a gigantic 2,135 percent increase in streams. The other songs to see a jump include “She Wolf” (905 percent), “Whenever, Wherever” (705 percent) and “Hips Don’t Lie” (430 percent). 

JLo and Shakira also saw a rise in the sales of their music. According to Billboard, the sales of their songs increased by 893 percent after the performance. The report further stated that the “Don’t Bother” hitmaker sold almost 13,000 copies on Feb. 2 in contrast to 1000 copies that were sold Feb. 1. On the other hand, Lopez sold 8,000 copies. 

The critics were in awe of their performance and labeled it as one of the best halftime performances in the past 10 years. The critics also noted that their performance was much better than Maroon 5’s performance last year.

In related news, a report by Forbes suggests that both singers are not getting paid for their performance at the Super Bowl LIV. Marc Gains, president of Sportscorp, noted the artists are always willing to perform “free” at the halftime show.