“Jeopardy” contestant James Holzhauer has set a new record on the game show he has now reached $1 million in total winnings. To be exact, the 35-year-old Las Vegas resident has won $1,061,554.

Holzhauer reached $1 million after Tuesday night’s episode, which was his 14th appearance. This makes Holzhauer only the second contestant in the history of the game show to reach $1 million, the first being Ken Jennings in 2004.

However, Holzhauer also set a record for the fastest contestant to reach $1 million, taking 14 games to reach that total. Jennings, on the other hand, took 33 games to reach $1 million during his run.

Holzhauer reached $1 million after winning another $118,816 on Tuesday’s game.

This is just the latest record the professional gambler has broken since his run on the show began on April 4. Since he has started, Holzhauer has taken the top seven spots for the highest single-game totals and set and broken the single-game record three times. Currently, the record stands at $131,127, which Holzhauer set on April 17.

Jennings took to Twitter to comment on Holzhauer’s run, joking that he deserves some credit for “making small, sensible Jeopardy wagers, which helped the show with its prize budget.”

Jennings has also made it known how impressed he has been with Holzhauer’s run on the show thus far.

"Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek is pictured during a rehearsal before a "Jeopardy" taping on April 21, 2012 in Washington, D.C. Kris Connor/Getty Images