Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin Reuters

What happens when you put Ivy League graduates Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields together to play basketball for the New York Knicks?

The nerdiest pregame handshake in the history of the NBA, and a sure sign that Linsanity and Jeremy Lin fever aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Here's a breakdown of what seems to be happening in the video:

1. Lin and Fields give each other two quick high-fives.

2. Fields holds out his hands in the shape of an open book.

3. Lin pages through until Fields closes the book.

4. Both Lin and Fields mime taking off glasses.

5. Both players put their glasses in invisible pocket protectors.

Both Jeremy Lin, who graduated from Harvard, and Landry Fields, a Stanford alum, seem very proud of their more academic backgrounds.

And why not? With the season the New York Knicks have been having, perhaps what the NBA needs is a little more nerd power.

Watch Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields' handshake below.

Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields: Nerdiest Handshake in NBA History: