Jon Stewart is a popular champion of the left, always ready to pounce on members of the so-called one percent.

He certainly had a field day back in January after Mitt Romney (finally!) released his tax returns for public view. In a Daily Show piece called the Happy Clown Tax Jubilee, which looked at the GOP candidate's tax returns, the host and co-author of America: The Book poked fun at the Republican presidential hopeful -- who for some time hadged about releasing his 500-plus page tax returns. He eventually did, and the content whipped Stewart into a verbal frenzy.

How in the world do you, Mitt Romney, justify making more in one day than the median American family makes in a year while paying an effective tax rate to the guy who has to scan your shoes at the airport? Stewart said.

Does that sound unfair? To some, it might, but Stewart is hardly one to make the call, as the Daily Caller pointed out. Stewart, like Romney, in one day makes more than many Americans make in a year. The Daily Caller also pointed out that should Stewart continue on the money-making track he's on, his own wealth just might surpass that of Romney's when he's the older man's age of 65 .

Stewart isn't the only one person in showbiz who is way more loaded than we realized. Here are other prominent public people who, while being famous and well-known, have much fatter wallets than we would have guessed.