Florida Judge W.R. Heinrich ordered Philip Scott Struthers to cut off his relationship with his 16-year-old son.

“Your relationship with your child is over with. You cannot see, live with or communicate with your minor children,” Judge Heinrich to Struthers.

Struthers was arrested for child abuse because he encouraged his son to fight against a bully. The elder Struthers’ words were graphic, at one point saying “punch his eyes out” and “slam his head on the ground.”

His action got the attention of authorities after a video clip of the fight went viral on the internet.

Since then, the elder Struthers has explained his actions in an interview with ABC News.

He said he was disgusted at his behavior shown in the video clip. However, he said his son had been bullied for 6 months. On the day of the fight, the alleged bully and several others (some who are presumably the friends of the alleged bully) showed up at the Struthers residence.

The fight then happened and was caught on tape by one teenager who as there. The younger Struthers claims that his father only wanted to protect him and prevent the alleged bully’s friends from jumping in, which may explain the elder Struthers’ belligerent demeanor.

During the ABC News interview, the elder Struthers claims that no one was injured and that he never laid hands on anyone.