Judy Greer
Judy Greer has opened up about an embarrassing experience while rehearsing a scene with actor Woody Harrelson for their movie “Wilson.” Pictured: The American actress attending the premiere of Disney and Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on April 19, 2017. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Judy Greer has revealed an embarrassing experience she had while rehearsing a scene with actor Woody Harrelson for their movie “Wilson.”

On Wednesday, Greer revealed a blush-worthy moment that took place while she and Harrelson were rehearsing their sex scene for their film, which hit theaters last March. When the 41-year-old Hollywood actress recalled the awkward situation, she said that she was just “mortified.”

In her interview with People, Greer first revealed how she prepared for the sex scene rehearsal. She divulged that she told herself at the time, “I’m not gonna be shy, I’m not gonna be ashamed. I’m gonna really do my full performance here for this rehearsal so everyone knows what I’m gonna do.”

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Unfortunately, Greer did so much more than what was expected of her. The worse part is she did not notice it until director Craig Johnson approached her and told her, “I don’t think she’s that into it.” Hearing Johnson’s words, Greer couldn’t help but feel very embarrassed. She shared, “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, never again.’ I’m so embarrassed. I’m so mortified.” She was so ashamed that, in fact, she pretended it never happened and never talked about it with Harrelson.

Speaking of Harrelson, the 55-year-old actor has recently disclosed how he lost a role in “Dumb and Dumber” over a bet with director Peter Farrelly. Harrelson was supposed to play the role of Harry Dune, which as fans of the movie know landed to Jeff Daniels.

“It was shot by one of my best buddies – my one-time roommate, in fact – Peter Farrelly, along with his brother Bobby. They’d had no success at that time, but really wanted me to do the movie,” Harrelson recalled. “Pete’s a good pool player, so I challenged him to a game and said, ‘If I lose this game, I’ll do your movie – if I win, I’m not gonna do it.”

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Obviously, Harrelson won the bet. However, he admitted now that he’s “never been so disappointed to sink an eight ball in my life.” Though Harrelson is regretting losing the role for the very successful movie that even spawned a sequel last 2014, he admits that he’s not sure if he could’ve played the role better than Jeff Daniels, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

Meanwhile, Harrelson has also opened up about another project that he wishes to realize with its original cast. In April of last year, it was announced that there will be a sequel to Ruben Fleischer’s “Zombieland.” The film is said to be in active development, but nobody really knows what’s going on with its production. Still, Harrelson admitted to Digital Spy that he’s really up for the project, but on condition that the original gang — composed of Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin — would return for the sequel.