Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber arrives at the Do Something Awards in Los Angeles, California August 14, 201 Reuters

There were a lot of speculations regarding Kim Kardashian's wedding invitation to Justin Bieber, and her no plus one policy due to the limited space. Many people were wondering if Justin Bieber will go to the wedding alone leaving Selena Gomez behind or not.

And guess what? Justin Bieber was seen at Selena Gomez's concert on Saturday evening when he was expected to be attending Kim Kardashian's wedding.

Justin and Kim are good friends, and that fact certainly leaves us wondering as to what made Justin choose staying back for his sweetheart's concert, rather than attending his friend's wedding!

Well, even if he had to go, he would have had to attend the wedding stag since Selena had her prior committment to the We Own the Night tour in New Jersey.

Justin, 17, was at the show on the other side of the country as guests arrived to Kim's nuptials, Hollywood Life reported exclusively.

Demi Lovato will be there, so Justin will have someone to hang with. Hopefully it the two get up to dance a slow one, rumors won't fly online. Demi is a good friend of Selena's. Lovato, who is celebrating her 19th birthday Saturday by going to Kim's wedding, will not be the only star there that Justin will know. Out of the 500 Hollywood affiliated guests, he is bound to know a few.