The year 1994 was certainly an iconic time for the music industry. Grunge rock legend Kurt Cobain took his own life, shocking the world when he died at 27. Now, overzealous Justin Bieber fans are making strange connections between Bieber and the late  music star on Twitter.

Bieber fans are known for their Twitter hysterics, and the latest phenomenon to surface points out that Bieber was born one month before Cobain killed himself. A fanatical fan of the pop singer who has identified herself as Amanda Bieber on Twitter has posted a couple of controversial tweets in the past couple of days:

Kurt Cobain (some rock singer) died in 1994, the same year Justin Bieber was born. RT if you think Bieber is Kurt reincarnated, she tweeted early on June 16.

The post was retweeted 853 times.

Justin Bieber is much bigger than Kurt Cobain, so shut up. Did Kurt Cobain ever have the biggest fan base on Twitter? NO, she tweeted on June 13, which was retweeted over five thousand times.

This lead to a massive backlash, with users cyber bullying the obsessed fan and criticizing her statements. The term Kurt Cobain became a trending topic on the website on June 16 due to the controversy.

But the late Nirvana front man isn't the fan girl's only target. Amanda Bieber also compared her obsession to music icons such as Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson.

LOL at people saying Freddie Mercury was a great role model and Bieber is not. You know Freddie was gay and had AIDS right? she also posted on Twitter.

Needless today, patrons of the social media website did not take kindly to this statement either. But Amanda Bieber has probably achieved her goal -- which was to catch the attention of music fans and spark conflict.

Oh god. God, god, god, writes Cassie Murdoch of Jezebel. Fingers crossed that the ghosts of Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain meet up and somehow figure out a way to tweet from beyond, because they could pull together more followers than Mr. Bieber in about five minutes and teach the young Mrs. Bieber a real thing or two.

One factor that the Bieber fan didn't take into account was the fact that Cobain had died long before Twitter was in existence, which the Twitter community was more than happy to point out to her. Twitter was launched in 2006, more than a decade after Cobain committed suicide.