Police in West Tennessee found a decomposed body Saturday near the Dyersburg home of Karen Swift, a 44-year-old mother of four who has been missing since late October, but the police can not confirm whether the body is Swifts'.

Frost and winter conditions killed the vegetation, making the body visible within a few feet, Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box told My Fox Memphis.

A large portion of the road near Highway 78 where the deomposed body was found was blocked off Saturday afternoon and night, as reported by KAIT. Dyer County sheriff's deputies, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Attorney General are currently investigating.

Swift has not been seen since picking up her daughter from a Halloween party. Days later her car was found near her home with the tires split. Since then, search parties have been searching the area for any sign of her.

The body was sent to the Regional Forensic Center in Memphis for an autopsy and identification according to The Associated Press.

We plan to rely on dental records to help identify the body, Box told My Fox Memphis.

Box told KAIT that a positive identification could come as early as Monday or Tuesday.