There’s long been speculation that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are in a bit of a feud with one another, and, while there isn’t any concrete evidence of a rocky relationship, royal family fans are quick to point out any possible royal snubs between the two of them.

The latest arrived in the form of an Instagram photo on Easter Sunday. On Middleton and Prince William’s official page, the couple celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s day of birth with a sweet photo and message, but some followers didn’t think the picture was actually so sweet.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrote: “Wishing a very happy 93rd birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!”

The royal couple chose to use an old photo of the family; One that included Prince Harry without his current, pregnant wife, Markle. Some are taking this as Middleton and Prince Williams’ low-key way of snubbing the Duchess of Sussex.

“Interesting choice of photo. . . .almost like you looking for trouble,” user anni24_7 commented. “Is there not enough rumours and speculation going around. Why add fuel to the fire?”

Alluding to Markle not being in the photo, emmascrivener3 asked: “Surely there’s a more recent pic??!!”

User christifordgomes added: “Odd to leave out Megan.”

Excluding the former actress from their birthday wishes to Queen Elizabeth might cause even more of an alleged rift between Middleton and Markle, as well as between Prince William and Prince Harry. It also might make the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to move to Africa a bit easier, which is something the Sunday Times reports they’re currently considering.

Markle and Prince Harry likely aren’t too concerned with this latest snub right now, though, because, any day now, the “Suits” alum is due to give birth to their first child.