Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton engages in a walkabout in Ballymena town centre on Feb. 28, 2019 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Getty Images/Charles McQuillan

Kate Middleton lost her cool when her coworkers did a humiliating prank on her.

The Duchess of Cambridge is the epitome of grace and composure. When Middleton steps out she always looks perfect even if her stiletto heels are stuck on a grate. However, there was one incident that “mortified” Prince William’s wife.

According to Katie Nicholl in her book “ Kate: The Future Queen,” the summer before Middleton started college she took a job as a deckhand at the Ocean Village Marina in Southampton and worked on yachts. Middleton’s duties included washing decks, loading massively heavy catering boxes, packing away sails, greeting guests and giving a safety demonstration.

It was during one of her demonstrations when her coworkers decided to pull a prank on her. It was meant to be hilarious, but the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t pleased at all. Middleton’s coworker reportedly rigged her vest with condoms and during the demonstration when she pulled the toggle and her vest inflated loads of condoms fell out.

“She was mortified and very embarrassed,” Cal Tomlinson told Nicholl. “She took it more seriously than the others might have, but she wasn't thrown off her stride. She was angry at first, but she settled down, and I don’t remember her ever getting them back.”

In related news, Middleton reportedly had a “terrible” falling-out with her close friend Rose Hanbury that she asked Prince William to phase out that pal from their inner circle of friends. The two women had an alleged rivalry as the duchess vied to be the queen bee of the Turnip Toffs.

Middleton and Rose’s issue was reportedly very serious that Prince William had to step in. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed double dates with Rose and her husband, David Rocksavage, in the past. Prince William wanted to end the rift, but Middleton refused and insisted that she didn’t want to see Rose ever again.

According to Richard Kay, the rivalry and falling-out rumors are not true and are made up to damage the duchess. Middleton and Rose are not close friends but they like each other. Also, both are considering legal actions regarding the issue.