There have been endless rumors that they’re locked in a major feud, but even if they aren’t getting along well now, there was reportedly a time where Kate Middleton made sure to make a generous gesture towards Meghan Markle.

In a resurfaced podcast following Markle’s wedding, Middleton was praised for an “act of generosity” she clearly displayed during the wedding. The “Royals” podcast saw royal commentator Angela Mollard stating that Middleton’s decision in terms of the outfit she wore at the event was something that allowed her sister-in-law, the bride, to shine.

“What I loved was Kate Middleton wearing the pale primrose Alexander McQueen that she’s worn four times before, including for Charlotte’s christening,” Mollard said. “It just meant that no one looked at her, no one really photographed her.”

“No one really thought about her until afterwards when we went ‘Oh, where was Kate and what was she wearing?’” she added. “That is such an act of generosity to your new sister-in-law. She is the most prominent member of the Royal Family, other than the Queen right now. This was not her day and she just so graciously stood aside. Had she worn any bright colors or anything we hadn’t seen before it would have taken attention. What a kind thing to do.”

Of course, since then, the two women have allegedly been locked in a feud, and despite the belief that they had put any negativity between them to rest, there have since been other reports indicating some issues could still arise.

There are reports that Markle’s sponsored design in the Chelsea Flower Show earning more praise than Middleton’s has led to the Duchess of Sussex “humiliating” her sister-in-law at an event which has prospered in before.

In addition, Middleton has been receiving negative depictions in the media as of late due to reports of alleged feuds with former friends, most specifically, Rose Hanbury. Following reports she “phased out” her Norfolk neighbor, the Duchess was the subject of a scathing article in the London Times which warned she would find a way to make Markle disappear from the royal family’s lives as well.

Kate Middleton made a “generous” move toward Meghan Markle (not pictured). The Duchess of Cambridge is seen visiting Scouts’ headquarters at Gilwell Park in Epping, England on March 28, 2019. Eddie Mulholland-WPA Pool/Getty Image