Kate Middleton
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 18: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace on June 18, 2021 in London, England. The Duchess of Cambridge has launched her own Centre for Early Childhood, to raise awareness of the importance of early years. Chris Jackson/Getty Images


  • Kate Middleton was picked by a body language expert as the most confident member of the British royal family
  • Darren Stanton said Middleton was very "shy" when she joined the royal family in 2011
  • The expert said Middleton now displays "powerful, abundant and confident body language"

The most confident member of the British royal family wasn't born into royalty or raised in the limelight, according to a body language expert.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, Darren Stanton said that Kate Middleton's body language indicates she's now the most confident among the British royals.

"I believe Kate is now the most confident member of the royal family and is very much accepted by all the members of the royal family, especially Camilla, with whom she has a strong friendship, and Kate has a great deal of respect for her mother-in-law," Stanton was quoted as saying by the U.K.'s Woman and Home.

Stanton went on to explain that the 42-year-old Princess of Wales' "fantastic sense of humor" was what made her stand out among the members of the royal family, including her husband Prince William, father-in-law King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, in terms of confidence.

Similar to the late Princess Diana, the expert noted that royal enthusiasts are "slightly obsessed" with Middleton and her style choices, behavior, interviews and sense of humor. He cited as an example Middleton making headlines back in February when she displayed the cheeky side of her personality and publicly tapped the 40-year-old Prince of Wales' behind on the BAFTAs red carpet.

According to Stanton, it took the princess years to build up her confidence in her royal role as she was very "shy" when she married Prince William and joined the royal family in 2011.

"In the early years of Kate Middleton becoming a public figure, she was shy and reserved, and we often called her the girl next door. This is similar to Princess Diana's experience, as both proved to be quite shy, and it was clear they were not comfortable in front of the camera and sought more anonymity," Stanton said.

He also noted several signs Middleton exhibited that highlighted her lack of confidence in the past, such as touching the face, touching the chin, picking unseen grit from the eye, placing a hand on her head, avoiding eye contact and turning red from embarrassment.

Stanton, however, noticed that the Princess of Wales no longer does these gestures. After being exposed to media, interviews and public scrutiny, she has developed resilience and confidence to cope with the "rigors of being in the public eye," he explained.

Middleton now exhibits "new powerful, abundant and confident body language" and holds "fantastic eye contact," the expert said.

Concluding his analysis, Stanton predicted that King Charles' coronation on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London would be a "prime event" that showcases the confidence of the princess, who will one day become the queen consort.

"I believe at the coronation, we will see even more of an abundant, confident and powerful version of Kate. I think Kate will perform admirably and continue to demonstrate what kind of monarch she will be with the eventual King William," the body language expert said.

He continued, "She now understands that she will attract even more attention from the members of the public and the media than Princess Diana ever did before because of the digital era we live in."

Middleton is one of the most liked members of the royal family. She was chosen as the favorite royal by the majority of Brits recently polled by market research company Ipsos.

The Princess of Wales, who was picked by 38% of respondents, was followed by Prince William with 34%, any of the King's grandchildren with 27%, Princess Anne with 25% and King Charles with 20%.

Kate Middleton
HAYLE, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 11: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge participating in a roundtable discussion with a number of representatives from the early years sector who have been influential in the Duchess work in this space, during a visit to Connor Downs Academy, during the G7 summit in Cornwall on June 11, 2021 in Hayle, west Cornwall, England. Aaron Chown/WPA Pool/Getty Images