Kate Middleton and Prince William recently took Prince George grouse hunting, and some netizens are not happy about it.

Last weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their eldest son on his first grouse shoot. This activity has been a tradition in the royal family. However, Twitter users are upset after learning about it, with some saying that exposing the 5-year-old tot to activities involves killing an animal is "horrible" and "disgusting."

"It's just too bad animals have to die in order for them to have fun. That's a terrible thing to teach children, especially at George's age. Modernize Royals. Join the human race," Gail Thompson Mosley commented on Emily Andrew's post.

"I just read a news article that said Prince George was taken to his first grouse shoot while staying a Balmoral. If that's the case, it make me feel sad & angry that he's going to grow up without any empathy for animals," Michelle P agreed.

"So sad #KateMiddleton, I thought you were better than this," one user wrote.

"Disgusting, shows how [two-faced] Wills & Harry when talk about animal conservation. How many birds of prey were murdered to allow the shoot? Young royals modern, what a joke," Casey Jones commented.

"All the money in the world and this is what activity they choose for their little one. Absolutely disgusted," Clare wrote.

"Disgraceful!! horrible family!!" Natalie Collier added.

However, others defended the royal family. According to them, nothing is wrong with hunting as this has been an acceptable practice within some families.

"What in the world is wrong with hunting. I live in the south and members of my family have always hunted. I, myself do not like it, but am happy there are people who hunt. To many people this is how they were raised, God do these people get any privacy," one user wrote.

"I think that is grand, plus they eat what they shoot. What is wrong with everyone, we ate squirrel, deer, doves, rabbits, and lots of other animals we hunted," another user commented.

In related news, Prince William and Middleton will escort their son during his first day of school. Prince George will be busy this school year and is anticipated to have daily assignments.

Prince George
Netizens were upset after learning that Kate Middleton and Prince William took Prince George to grouse hunting. Pictured: Prince George arrives for his first day of school at Thomas's school where he is met by Helen Haslem head of the lower school in southwest London on Sept. 7, 2017. Getty Images/Richard Pohle