Before the rumors claiming Meghan Markle caused a feud between Prince William and Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex had a close relationship with his brother and Kate Middleton.

However, in a resurfaced interview, the Duchess of Cambridge appears to snub Harry after learning about a comment he made concerning her relationship with William.

The mother of three, who is known as Kate to the press, was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. In 2008, she told friends to start calling her by her full name. Years later, she appeared to snub Harry during a radio interview when she learned he’d given her a new nickname.

In 2017, Prince William and Kate appeared on BBC’s Radio 1 where host, Scott Mills informed the Duchess of Cambridge that Prince Harry gave her a special nickname. “I heard a podcast with Harry recently, and he refers to you as ‘William and Cath,’ and that really confuses me,” he explained.

“Because everyone else calls you Kate. The press calls you Kate. Is it a thing just in the family?” Mills asked.

However, Kate appeared a bit surprised by the nickname and claimed she hadn’t heard her brother-in-law use the moniker. “Well, I am not sure. I am not that familiar with that [Cath], I have to say,” she told the host.

“But I’ll answer to most things, to be honest,” Kate added.

Ever since Prince Harry started dating Meghan in 2016, there have been reports accusing the Duchess of Sussex of interfering with Harry, Prince William and Kate’s relationship.

Despite Kate’s previous snub and ongoing feud rumors, the couples have remained supportive of one another, and continue to put on a united front during public outings.