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Kate Middleton's parents have been granted permission to extend their £ 1.5million home in Berkshire Village with an annex, causing uproar among local neighbors, according to the Daily Mail.

The application to extend the five-bedroom picturesque house angered locals, who claim the family received special treatment by hiding the plans from the public.

The proposed annex plan put forward by the Middleton's is big enough to function as a separate living unit with a kitchenette, living room , shower as well as an office space up a set of wooden stairs. Normally any member of the public can access extension plans put forward by residents, but when people tried to obtain the drawings of the Middleton's planning permission application from West Berkshire Council, they were asked to submit a request first, according to the Daily Mail.

Members of the local community who were granted permission to view the extension plans have opposed them. The local Parish council said the proposal is an over development for the area.

But the Middleton's were given permission to go ahead with the extension, regardless of local opposition. The council said that the development would not have an impact on public viewpoints, or public right of way, the Daily Mail reported. The annex is very small at only 10 sq. meters and its design is in keeping with the rural location, the council said in a statement.

There are, however, conditions for the approval. The Middleton's will have to pay £1,000 pound contribution to the highways department, £249 pounds to open space, £133 pounds to libraries, £438 pounds to adult social care, and £90 pounds to health to offset the development as part of a Section 106 contribution, according to the Daily Mail.