Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William and Kate Middleton attend the 1st Battalion Irish Guards St Patrick's Day Parade at Cavalry Barracks on March 17, 2019 in Hounslow, England. Getty Images/Gareth Fuller

Kate Middleton had a change of heart regarding the school she would be attending after learning that Prince William would be studying at Saint Andrews.

According to Matthew Bell in a 2005 report for The Spectator magazine, Middleton’s mom Carole was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s matchmaker. She reportedly pushed her daughter in the direction of Saint Andrews in hopes that she would meet Prince William there.

“Some insiders wonder whether her university meeting with Prince William can really be ascribed to coincidence,” Bell wrote.

“Although at the time of making her application to universities it was unknown where the Prince was intending to go, it has been suggested that her mother persuaded Kate to reject her first choice on hearing the news and take up her offer at Saint Andrews instead.”

Meanwhile, royal correspondent Katie Nicholl revealed in her book “Kate: The Future Queen” that it was Middleton, herself, who chose to study in the same school as Prince William and not her mom Carole.

According to Nicholl, Middleton took a gap year so she would be an undergraduate as the royal prince. Jasper Selwyn, a career adviser at Middleton’s former school, Marlborough College, and Joan Gall, her house tutor, both confirmed in Nicholl’s book that the duchess’ first choice of university was Edinburgh and not Saint Andrews.

Prince William and Middleton met at Saint Andrews. They started as friends before they became an item. Both opened up about their romance during their engagement interview.

According to Middleton, she went “bright red” when she met Prince William for the first time at the university and she “scuttled off feeling very shy” about their encounter.

Middleton said that Prince William wasn’t there for quite a bit, he wasn’t present at Fresher’s Week, so it took a bit of time before they got to know each other. However, they became close friends early on.

As for Prince William, he admitted that he saw something “very special” about Middleton the first time he met her. However, he didn’t take action immediately.

“I knew there was something I wanted to explore there, but we ended up becoming friends for a while,” the duke recalled.