Kate Upton
"Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton. The model was recently photographed topless in a new photoshoot. Tumblr

World famous “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model Kate Upton is going to prom.

The 20-year-old bombshell has accepted the invitation of Los Angeles-area student Jake Davidson, after the high school senior’s hilarious YouTube video went viral. Apparently, the two-minute-long video caught the eye of Upton, who is arguably the most recognizable model on the planet. Check out the would-be couple’s Tuesday exchange on Twitter:

Well, there you have it. As long as “Katie” can find time in her obscenely busy schedule, Davidson will have the world’s hottest prom date—and the envy of every eligible bachelor in the United States. We just hope the swimsuit model is ready for a late night—Jake has an 11 p.m. curfew, according to his video.

Davidson’s YouTube proposal made quite the compelling case. The clip showed him doing pushups, shaving his robust facial hair, and generally displaying all of the traits that a world-famous “Sports Illustrated” model might find attractive.

“You had me at hello. You're the ying to my yang, I'm Jewish, 5'9 on a really good day - and I can't dance at all,” he tells her. “You're Christian, 5'10, and that Cat Daddy video should have won an Oscar for best short film. You could say this is destiny.”

Upton isn't the first celebrity to agree to a fan's dream date proposal. In May 2011, U.S. soldier Scott Moore made a viral video in which he asked actress Mila Kunis to attend the 236th Marine Corps Ball as his date. Like Upton, the "Black Swan" star graciously accepted the offer. Justin Timberlake, Kunis' "Friends With Benefits" co-star, accepted a similar proposal from Corporal Kelsey De Santis and attended the same event.

Davidson’s bold plea received national attention on Tuesday after the video went viral. At presstime, it had already racked up over 100,000 hits on YouTube. Check it out below: