Katie Holmes appeared in public for the first time since splitting with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, to present an award at the 2012 Style Awards in New York, and the star, whose career has recently seen a sudden upswing, seems to be about to turn another corner in her life.

The timeline of Holmes's divorce from Cruise seems to suggest it was a relative breeze by celebrity divorce standards, (it was finalized on Aug. 21, only 53 days after paperwork was filed with a New York court) but Holmes has since been ducking from the limelight. However, on Thursday, she confirmed that she will be returning to the public eye as the new face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

The 33-year-old actress reportedly met Brown only 2 months ago when they "were introduced by a mutual friend," Brown told Womens Wear Daily. Brown agreed to serve as the lead makeup actress at the debut of Holmes's fashion line Holmes & Yang at New York Fashion Week on Sunday, and was allegedly so immediately enchanted with Holmes that she decided she would be the perfect person to represent the cosmetics brand.

"We had tea in the afternoon, and we bonded. And then it was, 'Oh, my God, you would be the perfect face for Bobbi,'" Brown told WWD, reported Fashion & Style. "We weren't looking for a celebrity, just a cool, amazing woman who would fit with our brand. And she's just ridiculously, naturally beautiful."

"We instantly got on and talked about so many things from what it's like to be a busy working mum and what it's really like to start a company," added Brown. "I'm a big fan of her clothes, I've been a fan of her acting for years and there is not a more beautiful 'Bobbi' face than Katie. She looks amazing without make-up, she looks incredible with make-up and I just thinks she's a great role model for so many women."

In an interview with E! Online, Holmes responded to Brown's glowing endorsement saying that she was equally excited to begin anothercollaboration with her. "Bobbi is exceptional and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a company that we, as women, all turn to because it is make-up that is very accessible and makes you feel pretty," said Holmes. "Sometimes it is just a lipstick or a blush that makes you feel like you can do what you need to do. Make-up is powerful and I am thrilled to be a part of this brand."

Holmes is slated to appear in the new Bobbi Brown ads beginning in spring of 2013.