Justin Bieber was dethroned Monday from his nine-month reign as the most followed person on Twitter by pop singer Katy Perry. Perry racked up more than 46.5 million followers, 20,000 more than the Canadian crooner. According to NBC, Bieber’s popularity hit its peak in January when he ended Lady Gaga’s three-year tenure at the top spot.

Lady Gaga now holds the number three spot, followed by President Barack Obama and Taylor Swift. However, based on a review by CNBC, Bieber fans generally retweet and favorite his tweets more than Perry fans. According to the “Klout score,” CNBC’s 1 to 100 scale that signifies how much engagement an account has, both stars earned a 95. Furthermore, StatusPeople, a tool that determines how many of a Twitter’s user’s followers are fake, says 41 percent of Bieber’s followers are frauds, while Perry’s bogus score comes in at 52 percent.

Perry spoke to USA Today of her Twitter habits, saying, “I’ve learned how to ride social media. I have horrible typos. I use ‘there’ or ‘your’ wrong grammatically. But I feel like I’ve learned how to tame that social media dragon.”

While Perry’s fans were elated about the news, Bieber fans were claiming that most of her Twitter followers are fake.

This change came just a few days before Twitter is set to go public on Thursday in the stock market’s most anticipated initial public offering since 2012’s Facebook. Twitter is expected to price its IPO on Wednesday evening and begin trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol (TWTR.N).