On Nov. 18, 2019, Patrick Frazee was convicted of killing his former fiancée, Kelsey Berreth, following her disappearance on Thanksgiving Day 2018. At that time, a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder, three counts of solicitation to commit murder, and tampering with a deceased human body. Now, he has decided to break his silence in a new letter.

According to CBS4, Frazee wrote the letter to Rick Sallinger, a journalist with the local station. From the outset, the Colorado resident worked to make his position clear.

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After greeting Sallinger, he reportedly stated, "Let me start by telling you I did not kill Kelsey!" 

Continuing, he added that "Dan May (the 4th Judicial District Attorney) and the media took this story from Krystal and ran with it." Frazee then stated that unknown male DNA had been located at the crime scene. However, law enforcement countered that narrative and stated that all recovered DNA had, in fact, been identified. 

Furthermore, he elaborated that the trial and subsequent conviction had resulted in everyone he believed he could trust turning on him as a result of what transpired, but he decided to speak out now so that his daughter knew his side of the story. 

"I want my daughter to know the truth. Most of all I want my daughter to know I did not kill her mother!" he wrote.

Throughout the course of the trial, Frazee's one-time mistress, Krystal Lee, had also been considered as a suspect. While Lee did admit that she played a role in covering up the crime, she testified that Frazee had, in fact, been the one to kill Berreth on his own. She also recounted that he had told her after the crime that she "had a mess to clean up."

Lee's best friend had also discussed the complicated relationship between the two in an interview with "48 Hours," where she said that her friend had eventually developed a "legitimate fear for her life" due to Frazee's aggressive nature. 

Since being found guilty, he has since attempted to appeal his conviction

crime scene This is a representational image showing a crime scene tape in Sunset Valley, Texas, on March 20, 2018. Photo: Getty Images/Scott Olson