As part of Lifetime’s Throwback Tuesday “Dance Moms” episodes, Kendall Vertes and her mom, Jill Vertes, starred in their own special Tuesday. The mother-daughter duo dished about everything from their first day at the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) to Jill’s feuds with coach Abby Lee Miller. But it’s Kendall’s comments about her former teammate that is getting the most attention.

When speaking about Season 4, Kendall, 12, opens up about her rivalry with “Dance Moms” star Chloe Lukasiak. In one episode of the 2014 installment, Abby pit the two dancers against one another in the quest to find her No. 2 girl. With her star student, Maddie Ziegler, landing jobs in Hollywood left and right, Abby said she needed to know she could count on one of the girls to fill in for her lead performer.

While Kendall admits she knew she had to pay attention to the talents of other studio’s dancers prior to her competition with Chloe, she says she never dreamed things would get so competitive with a fellow teammate.

“I know kids at other studios are my competitors, but I didn’t realize that my own teammates could be one of my biggest archrivals,” Kendall says.

Watch Kendall talk about her rivalry with Chloe below:

During the special, Lifetime played clips from the Season 4 installment, titled “Two Can Play This Game” (watch it here). The scenes showed Kendall and Chloe being given dueling solos to compete in order to find out who would secure the No. 2 spot on Abby’s roster. At the competition, Kendall was scheduled to perform last, but at the last minute, she was put onstage before Chloe. Kendall went on to mess up her routine, falling out a turn and placing fifth. Chloe took home second-place, therefore becoming Abby's backup lead.

“Chloe was first and she was like, ‘Well, I forget my solo so can I just go last?’ And I was supposed to go last so she made me go first,” Kendall recalls of the incident. Kendall claims that Chloe was responsible for the switch up, personally asking the producers to make the lineup change.

According to Kendall, Chloe messed up her chances of doing well onstage.

“The judges remember you the most and you can watch your competition,” Kendall says when speaking about the advantages of performing last in a solo category. “You can see whose good, who messed up, who fell, who nailed it… Chloe took that from me.”

Jill admits she was equally upset about the incident, calling the change up “not fair” and appearing to blame Chloe’s mom, Christi Lukasiak, for allowing the change to occur.

“It was sneaky move and Christi knows it,” Jill says. “Bottom line: friends don’t do that to friends.”

Watch Kendall and Jill discuss the controversy below:

Despite slamming Christi on the special, Jill claims to have remained friends with the former “Dance Moms” star. However, Jill did admit that their relationship isn’t “sugary sweet” because of all the conflict that occurred between them during their time on the show.

Kendall isn’t the first ALDC star to talk about Chloe on their “Dance Moms” special. Maddie, now 12, commented on her past co-star during her episode's premiere last month. "We haven’t really talked to each other and things have changed between us,” she said. “It’s really sad because I obviously miss her.”

As most “Dance Moms” viewers will remember, Chloe and Christi exited the Lifetime series following the Season 4 finale in October 2014. Chloe, now 14, has since gone on to star in several music videos, receive a Choice Dancer nomination for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards - Maddie is also nominated - win big with her new dance studio and attend fan meet and greets worldwide.

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.